About Us


Roots Production all began in the summer of ‘95 in a vineyard in the South of France. Master Percussionist and world traveler Axel Lecour and I had just finished touring the country with a steel band and the quiet of this little summer house surrounded by vineyards was welcome after being on the road for so long and with so many late nights.

As it turns out, during one of our improvised jam sessions with other Musicians on the road we came accros a little Thumb Piano (The Magical Kalimba) made in an oval shaped Sardine Can. It had a wonderful sound and was amazingly loud for such a small instrument. It was really comfortable to play and looked totally cool. We said to ourselves, “We’d very much like to make one ourselves!”

So we set about trying to make one of these little wonders. We spent the next week rummaging the local junk yards looking for our raw materials and trying to assemble all the parts as best we could. We used the wood from wine cases for the sounding board, bicycle spokes for the notes, and cut-up soft drink cans to make the buzzers. And so this was how Roots Production was born.

Over the past twenty years we have learned a lot about making these instruments and have perfected are technique and a craftmanship, but the idea that using recylced materials in their construction has persisted. Our instruments are simple yet sophisticated, low-tech yet luxurious, primative yet polished. Turning recycled materials into gold is the achelemy that is operating here and we are very proud and pleased with our product. We hope that you will be, too.