Welcome to Roots Production

Roots productions' first aim is to plant a seed in the heart of our inner child. The thumb piano is the most unimposing of the musical instruments the gentle sound of which touches the pureness of our souls the instant we come into its intimate orbit.

Artist, Musician and Teacher Andrew Masters has been conceptualizing and creating thumb pianos of all shapes and sizes, for over 20 years. Often made from the most surprising and ingenuous recycled materials, these "musical totems" charm people of all ages and stages of development through playfulness of their design, the softness of their touch and of course the magic of their sound. These handmade gems are the keys that will open the doors to the vast world of music that lies within us all.

How it Started

Roots Production all began in the summer of ‘95 in a vineyard in the South of France. Master Percussionist and world traveler Axel Lecour and I had just finished touring the country with a steel band and the quiet of this little summer house surrounded by vineyards was welcome after being on the road for so long and with so many late nights.